What feeling should customers get when they think of your products? As a starting entrepreneur, it is important to think about this. After all, everything revolves around the right branding. You can also change course over time, or rebrand. After all, the market is constantly changing. Curious if your branding is still in tune with the market?

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Communicating visually

Logo design

Your company's logo is extremely important for recognition of your brand, product or service. It can be exciting to develop this, and we understand that like no other. To get a clear idea of how you see your company, we would like to discuss your wishes and ideas with you.

Brand identity

What feeling do you want to convey when customers come into contact with your company? That’s something to think about. A large part of this is in your own hands. We do the research, look at your target market and come up with a suitable brand identity so you can stand out from your competitors.

Corporate identity manual

A corporate identity manual is useful for ensuring that every employee uses the same company style. This includes the use of logos, images, colours and typography.


Actually, the word says it all, the (re)design or 'branding' of your brand, product or service. A corporate identity that no longer quite connects with the target group can be redeveloped to achieve the desired result.

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